Geometric Box Bags Vol.1

Blue Ribbon Objects

Blue Ribbon Objects is an experimental project aims to design and manufacture products out of wood. Trying to break the boundary while using conventional tooling and machines, the outcomes are simple yet unexpected.


The product was inspired by the uses of beautiful stones and marble in interior spaces and furniture designs. Simple geometric shapes and tailor-made details underline the beauty of wood and granite texture materials. The product is light-weighted and easy to use with magnetic enclosure and removable chain strap. Visit for more information. 


This project have taught the designer countless lessons. Firstly, she learn how to communicate with the factory through both technical drawings. Using many different materials also required her to understand the nature of the materials she chose. Problem solving and documenting every single problems throughout the manufacturing process were very important. The designer found the selling and dealing with customers part the most challenging part. Finally, the most important lesson was to learn to communicate well, whether through drawings, the 3D models, or simply talking to the factory worker.