Geometric Box Bags Vol.2

Summer 2015, I took a break from New York city and went back to my hometown. I worked on the second collection of Blue Ribbon Objects’ geometric box bags. The new collection is a collaboration between me and artist  Maria Candanoza, founder of Objectify_139. Maria was inspired by her memory of the waiting chairs in NYC’s old style laundromat stores, she came up with the moldboard and the material board. Sourcing the material in Thailand was quite an adventure, but the most challenging journey was dealing with the manufacturing process. The problems with the previous collection production all occurred during the assembly process. Therefore, minimizing the assemble process will help reduce errors and the production time. I reengineered the whole structure by using CNC machine to cut a solid piece of wood, which perfect precision. In addition, the metal angles were redesigned to cover the inner curved corners that router made. With all the advice and complaints from the factory and the suppliers, I managed to create products that are much more feasible in production. I also had the opportunity to show the product at Japan Fashion Week, International Fashion Fair, 2015 and received great feedback from customers like Takashimaya, Isetan, Lumine, and smaller retails.