Smart product that slow you down

Personal preventative health is the area Khunprasert and her team Judy Chi and Karen Ng, were assigned to focus on in Smart Objects class by Pepin Gelardi and Theodore Ullrich. The team started off with researches for the existing products around the personal health area. iWatch, or other health-detector-tools help keep track of your health and analysing data for you. The advancement of technology has made this seamless experience more convenient, personalised, and precise. 

The team paid special attention to women’s health and discovered some interesting data points about Cardiovascular diseases which is the biggest cause of death in modern society. They realized that one of the major causes of this disease is stress. There are countless studies on remedies for stress. In addition, The designers were intrigue by the mindfulness and relaxation technique. This technique has been verified as one of the most effective remedies, but rushing daily live in the city like New York makes it hard to adopt. Therefore, their first proposal is the concept of deliberative acts and daily rituals.